Collection: DeafEye

A couple of hearing impaired and visually disabled artists! There two young multimedia practitioners specialize in illustrations, mural painting, graphic design, and animation. They are here to collaborate and create visually appealing designs with love and care.

We share the same interests and love for art that’s why we created a collaboration studio for us to team up with brands and businesses. Because, we believe that there are always stories to tell, everything is designed to be told. It may be from you, from your friend, or from us. Stories are endless, and we believe that we can help people share stories through visual aesthetics. We put our emotions, love, and care in every brush stroke we apply to our canvas. We have the passion to make everyone feel lighter and less alone with our art, because creativity makes us happy and feel genuine with ourselves... and we want to share this with the whole world. We value your vision, and that’s why we’re here.

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  • Upcycled Container Shipping Boxes painted by Alyssa Bartoline
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