Joshua Laureano

SIMPLE WRITING... Greetings to all, I am Joshua K. Laureano a Filipino citizen born in Baguio City. My parents originated from Mindanao. Since I was small I was already industrious and generous, my ups and down in life gave me courage and perseverance to move on in life inspite of difficulties. GOD gave me wisdom and strength to overcome those trials and tribulations in life as I faced life in a positive way. By God's grace I hurdled through hardships and difficulties, for GOD never left me nor forsaken me, and so with my Family... So here I am today!

As a young artist, I am still exploring different mediums of art to be my obra maestra. My creative exploration began when I was still 13 years old , making creatures using old toys and clothes pins, drawings and paintings. While growing up I remember what my friends and teachers told me that this weird imagination of mine won't give me a better future. I said to my self I am not weird. I believe we are all artist but our only limitation is our imagination. And now at the age of 20, I make animals, with mostly found and recycled materials. I enjoy giving life to things that are unloved and left behind, transforming every day objects into detailed sculptural artworks. And many of my public artworks are displayed in Selah Pods Hotel, Pasay City.

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