An eco-ethical lifestyle brand based in Taguig founded by a couple, Lyndon Ecuacion and Clarice de Villa-Ecuacion, in their typical backpacking adventures to islands around the Philippines, they discovered a solution in protecting electronic devices and cameras using “interyor” – local name for inner tube, because back then, dry bags were not yet available. The inner tube fashioned into gadget bags served them well. Waterproof, it beats the waves and rain when crossing the islands on outriggers and tough enough for a rugged island lifestyle. We are stoked by the idea that re-purposing is a win-win garbage solution for everyone. Siklo upcycled products have a soul because they are made by hand.  Each product is made with passion.  Like a fingerprint, each product has its own unique character and individuality. With such traits, wearing a Siklo bag makes you ooze with personality.

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